PHOTOVOLTAIC installation

- April 2022 -

Morera Pell has decided to invest in a photovoltaic installation of around 350 solar panels and total power of 100 kW. These types of facilities offers multitude of advantages, of which we highlight the most environmentally and economically important:

Reduction of the electric bill: it is a good alternative that allows us to reduce dependence on the markets and save a large part of the electric bill.

Reduction of the carbon footprint: the production of solar energy makes it possible to dispense with chemical processes and therefore the emission of greenhouse gases. This energy model allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and we contribute to achieving the energy objectives set for the year 2050.


- September 2022 -

Happy to meet our customers and suppliers again, we were at Lineapelle for one more edition, presenting our autumn-winter 2023-24.

We highlight as a new feature the acquisition of a new printing plate "Goat"


- June 2021 -

We have been audited to achieve the Leather Working Group certification. 

Since June 1, 2021, Morera Pell is a tannery certified by the 6.7.0 LWG protocol. 

Besides, one of our main targets is to be contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of the final product.

 We don't only want to comply with legal requirements, but take into account the preservation of the environment.

 Promote sustainable practices and respect for the environment.

  In addition, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint of the final product is one of our main target.

Visit https://www.leatherworkinggroup.com/ for more information.


- February 2020 -

We were at Lineapelle presenting the spring-summer 20/21 one more edition. 


- September 2019 -

New MecGiant vacuum dryer manufactured by Mec Man Srl. 

Thanks to its innovative technology it is possible to increase productivity by 50% without increasing energy consumption.

 A remarkable reduction in drying temperature (-20ºC) prevents loss of performance and allows to obtain uniform and natural leathers.

The system used a liquid ring pump that is fed with water, coming directly from the cooling tower, instead of oil.


From September 17 to 19 Leather Cluster Barcelona has presented autumn-winter 2020 trends at Première Vision Paris, the fashion fair held in Paris, where Morera Pell has been exhivited its winter collection. 

More information: https://leatherbarcelona.com/


MORERA PELL, S.L. in collaboration with LEATHER QUIMICA, S.L.U, has developed a new collagen stabilization system, which allows shaving before tanning. Thus, chrome-free shavings or other pre-tanning substances are obtained, so they can be used in other industries. 

The system also allows significant savings of chemicals and also wastewater.

The project is promoted within the framework of the InnoEmpresa 2011 grants by ACC1Ó de la Generalitat de Catalunya and has been carried out at the LEITAT Technological Center in Igualada.